Donor-Advised Funds

A donor-advised fund (DAF) is a centralized vehicle for charitable giving, making it easier for donors to make tax-deductible gifts of cash, publicly traded stock and other assets to support favorite nonprofits like the Dialogue Institute (DI). It also provides an operationally convenient and tax-efficient method for donors to manage all of their charitable giving.

Click here to learn more. If you already have a DAF established through Fidelity Charitable®, Schwab Charitable®, Greater Kansas Community Foundation®, or the BNY Mellon Charitable Gift Fund®, you can use the form below to initiate a grant recommendation. If you have a DAF established elsewhere, simply contact your sponsoring organization to begin the process of recommending a grant to the Dialogue Institute.

The Dialogue Institute's federal tax identification number (EIN) is 23-2715057, and any grants should be directed to the DI at the following address:

Temple University (062-56)
1700 N. Broad Street, Suite 315
Philadelphia, PA 19121-0843

If you have any questions, please contact Rebecca Mays, Director of Education, or Howard Cohen, Executive Director.