Dialogue Resources

The Dialogue Institute collaborates with the Journal of Ecumenical Studies to create resources for interreligious dialogue grounded in solid academic research and scholarship. 

The Journal is a primary resource for scholars and activists interested to research theories and to develop projects that will have maximum impact in local regional grassroots settings. In turn these projects inform ongoing study and reflection on how best to sustain peaceful relationships in support of cooperative efforts for the common good of whole communities.

Leonard Swidler’s long-established set of Dialogue Principles undergird the work of the Dialogue Institute and are made available for any others interested to pursue interreligious dialogue. His collegial work with social change agents also developed the Seven Stages of Deep Dialogue to indicate how progressive movement in interreligious dialogue can happen. 

In partnership with many organizations interested in harmonious coexistence among religious traditions, the Dialogue Institute and Journal of Ecumenical Studies invites cooperation in furthering advancement of the now global interest in the intra- and interreligious dialogue movement.