Dialogue Training

The Dialogue Institute trains groups of students, scholars, professionals, and others in the philosophy and methodologies of interreligious dialogue. Seminars of varying lengths afford participants hands-on learning and practice in dialogue, as well as the opportunity to experience the rich heritage of interreligious engagement present in the history and social fiber of Philadelphia.

Middle Eastern Dialogue Symposia

The Dialogue Institute collaborates with the Western Studies Institute to hold Saudi-American seminars on topics of intellectual and cultural mutual interest. Since 2008, eight symposia have covered topics as diverse as: the Prophetic Traditions; Hadith and the Transmission of Faith; Biography and History; and Authority and Revelation. Ongoing study together tackles differences of interpretation using dialogic skills to increase understanding and respect. 

Before participating in this dialogue seminar, I was afraid that I might meet
with disrespect, but now I know I can meet with followers of other religions without any rancor, and with love and mutual respect.
— Saudi seminar participant

Asia Interreligious Development Network

The Dialogue Institute is collaborating with the United Board for Christian Higher Education in Asia on a three-year project called the Asia Interreligious Development Network, focused on promoting interreligious understanding in Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, China, and Indonesia. Activists and scholars on the ground are pursuing local projects to enhance general education courses in local institutions. Research and grassroots activism combine to discern best practices for interreligious dialogue. The DI will publish these best practices to conclude the project in 2017.