Journal of Ecumenical Studies
Contents of Volume 50 (2015)

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Volume 50, Number 4 (Fall 2015)

New Associate Editor

NAAE Report

Vatican II—The Catholic Revolution from Damnation to Dialogue!
by Leonard Swidler

The Fiftieth Anniversary of Nostra Aetate
by Gregory Baum

Nostra Aetate: A Personal Reflection
by Eugene J. Fisher

Sources for the Study of Catholic-Jewish Relations
by Eugene J. Fisher

Ecumenical Reflections on Moral Discernment
by John W. Crossin

The World Alliance for International Friendship through the Churches and Religious and Political Rapprochement between Bulgaria and Yugoslavia in the 1920’s and 1930’s
by Priit Rohtmets and Radmila Radić

Explorations and Responses
Paulos Huang on Confucian-Christian Dialogue
by Umberto Bresciani

Book Reviews

Ecumenical Resources

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Volume 50, Number 3 (Summer 2015)

Expand Our Egos to . . . All!
by Leonard Swidler                                                                                                             
Intimate Relations: Psalms and Bhakti Poetry
by Rachel Fell McDermott and Daniel F. Polish

Lived Witness
by Mitzi J. Budde

Contraception’s Authority: An Anglican’s Liturgical and Synodical Thought Experiment in Light of ARCUSA’s “Ecclesiology and Moral Discernment”
by Matthew S. C. Olver

Imagining Mutual Christian Theological Identity: From Apologia to Dialogic Theologizing
by Victor Ezigbo

Rationality and Religious Traditions: An Epistemological Approach to Theology of Religions
by David J. Brewer

Book Reviews

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Volume 50, Number 2 (Spring 2015)

Three Paths—Whither?
by Leonard Swidler                                                                                                           
Special Section on the 2014 NAAE Conference
Exploring a Common Vision for the Church for a North American Context: The 2014 North American Academy of Ecumenists Conference—President’s Introduction
by Mitzi J. Budde

The Church: Towards a Common Vision
by John St-Helier Gibaut

It Takes a Village: Can The Church: Towards a Common Vision Help Raise North American Ecumenists?
by Sandra Beardsall

Towards a Common Vision of the Church: Will It Fly?
by Thomas P. Rausch

A Reflection in Light of The Church: Towards a Common Vision—Primate’s Banquet Speech
by Hovnan Derderian

Panel Presentation on The Church: Towards a Common Vision
by Cecil M. Robeck, Jr.

A Wesleyan-Holiness Perspective on The Church: Towards a Common Vision
by Don Thorsen

Reflections on The Church: Towards a Common Vision
by Ray F. Kibler III

Panel Presentation on The Church: Towards a Common Vision
by Madelon Maupin

Common Vision, Common Understanding
by Paraskevè (Eve) Tibbs

Perspectives on Building Trust among Communities in Bosnia and Herzegovina: The Challenges and the Role of Faith Communities
by Hazim Fazlić

Book Reviews

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Volume 50, Number 1 (Winter 2015)

A Festschrift in Honor of Leonard Swidler

by Nancy E Krody

The “Dialogue of Civilizations” at the Tipping Point: The “Dialogosphere”
by Leonard Swidler

Global Ethic at the Grassroots: A Research Proposal Based on the Work of Leonard Swidler
by Nicole Melara

New Steps in the “Cosmic Dance of Dialogue”
by Julia Sheetz-Willard and Rebecca Kratz Mays   21A Keeper of the Flame
by Gerard Sloyan

Leonard Swidler: Dialogue Pioneer and Peacemaker
by Harold Kasimow

Dialogue and Justice: Leonard Swidler’s Deep-Dialogue as an Essential Component of Justice
by Joseph Stoutzenberger

Peace through Self-Awareness: A Model of Peace Education Based on Buddhist Principles
by Gereon Kopf  

The Enlightenment of Zen Buddhism and the Hesychastic Vision of the Divine Light
by George C. Papademetriou

People of Place, Ethics of Earth: Indigenous Nations, Interfaith Dialogue, and Environmental Sustainability
by Ann Marie Bahr  

Lectionary Reflections and Ecological Concerns: A Contribution to Dialogue
by Regina A. Boisclair

The Unlikely Commentator: The Hermeneutic Reception of Śaṅkara’s Thought in the Interpretive Scholarship of Dārā Shukøh
by Douglas L. Berger 

Two Pious Men, a Trusting Innkeeper, and a Neglected Son:
Three Lucan Parables
by Lewis John Eron  

Dialogue and the Spirit of Vatican II: Reading Gaudium et Spes Fifty Years Later
by Dugan McGinley 

Cultivating Character: Creating a Multifaith Community of Discourse
by Nancy Fuchs Kreimer

Becoming Friends
by Ellen T. Charry   

Reflections on Relational Ethics: Toward an Ethic of Prevention
by Margaret Cotroneo

Both Insiders and Outsiders: Identity and Interreligious Dialogue in the Discourse of Islamic Communities in Croatia and Serbia concerning European Integration
by Angela Ilić   

Leonard Swidler’s Influence on the Work of an American Evangelical and on Romanian Academia
by Michael S. Jones

Muslims and Christians Praying Together, or Not: Some Observations on German Protestant Attitudes toward Common Prayer
by Alfons Teipen and Alex Pumphrey

Notes from a Field of Conflict: Trilateral Dialogical Engagement in Israel/Palestine
by Björn Krondorfer   

On the Role of Interreligious Dialogue in Religious Studies Programs at Indonesian State Islamic Universities
by Florian Pohl   

The Importance of Dialogue in Turkey
by Kenan Cetinkaya

From Philadelphia to Kamina: Bumuntu Interreligious Dialogue in the Heart of Africa
by Mutombo Nkulu-N’Sengha

Abbreviated Curriculum Vitae for Leonard Swidler 

Author Bios