Global Ethic

Humans tend to group themselves in communities with similar understandings of the meaning of life and how to live accordingly. In past history, such large communities—also called cultures or civilizations—have tended on the one hand to live unto themselves, and on the other hand to dominate, even absorbing other cultures where difference is threatening. In this modern era, a new ethos has created the need for a global ethic. 

Thinkers, scholars, business people, professionals, activists, civic organizations and governments must work together to define, implement and promote policies of responsible global citizenship.  As profoundly interconnected members of an international community, our awareness of the connections and common ground can advance a viable and sustainable global ethic.

The resources gathered here, including many from Dialogue Institute Founder and President, Leonard Swidler, are meant to aid that advancement and create further discussion. Please feel free to contact the Dialogue Institute if you have any questions about a global ethic, or if you're interested in discussing further.