I Gede Pandu Wirawan - Indonesia

Winter 2012 Study of the U.S. Institute on Religious Pluralism in the United States

"Through the SUSI program I learned about how people in the United States could live harmoniously with a diversity of religions and beliefs even when they faced misunderstanding among them. The SUSI program helped me to find my passion, which is religious pluralism, including conflict resolution. I have a plan to make my community more professional in doing work, not only with the Interfaith Youth Forum but also with research and conflict resolution."

Pandu took his SUSI experience back to Indonesia and ran with it!

Along with fellow SUSI alumna, Agus Burniat, he founded and continues to serve as president of Youth Interfaith Community (YIC). Among other activities, YIC organizes a now-annual Interfaith Youth Forum (IYF) in different regions of Indonesia, designed to help young Indonesian leaders build their capacity with respect to tolerance and interfaith dialogue. Begun in 2012, the most recent IYF was held in Surabaya in August of 2015, using the theme of "Rujak: Harmony in Diversity." The DI has been proud to co-sponsor these forums which help support a growing network of SUSI alumni/ae and others in Indonesia committed to this work.

After graduating from Universitas Nasional Jakarta in 2013, Pandu also worked for Global Peace Foundation Indonesia, an international non-governmental organization focused on peace issues, including interfaith cooperation. As Program Director, he helped put together the 2014 International Multi-faith Youth Assembly in Jakarta.

Pandu is currently working as Program Coordinator at Trade Union Rights Centre, focused on a program to empower Indonesia women out of poverty. He is hoping to return to school to get his Master's in Conflict Resolution.