Dialogue Must Become a Way of Life – New Book Teaches Readers How

Gathering the cumulative insight of over sixty years of Dr. Leonard Swidler’s work in interreligious, intercultural dialogue, a new book unpacks the underlying theory and practical methods needed to embrace all of its dimensions: Deep-Dialogue, Critical-Thinking, Emotional-Intelligence and Competitive-Cooperation. Dialogue for Interreligious Understanding: Strategies for the Transformation of Culture Shaping Institutionscombines these elements in addition to “common sense” guidelines on how to move beyond one’s own perspective to experience real encounter and dialogue with the Other.

In presenting a “Dialogue on Dialogue,” Swidler lays out both the theoretical and practical fruit of his more than sixty years of working in the field of ecumenical, interreligious, and interideological dialogue. He insists that dialogue is not just “talking together,” but is a whole new way of seeing oneself and the world, and then living accordingly.

“This is the summa of one of the greats of religious dialogue. The fruit of a lifetime of reflection and action, this book shows that dialogue is not merely an intellectual search for truth but a dance of life, a way of authentic, enriched living and a transformation of self. This volume is a gift to all who seek a humane, globally responsible, morally universal ethic for their own life, and it also shows you how to go about developing one,” says Rabbi Irving (Yitz) Greenberg, founding President of Jewish Life Network.

Dr. Leonard Swidler is Founder and President of the Dialogue Institute, as well as Founding Editor of the Journal of Ecumenical Studies. He is Professor of Catholic Thought and Interreligious Dialogue in the Religion Department of Temple University, where he has taught since 1966. At Temple, and as a visiting professor at universities around the world, Prof. Swidler has mentored generations of U.S. and international scholars in the work of interreligious dialogue.

‘Dialogue for Interreligious Understanding’ is published by Palgrave Macmillan and can be purchased in either print or digital format at www.palgrave.com or www.amazon.com. To learn more visit www.institute.jesdialogue.com or call 215-214-7520.