Spring 2017 JES on Commemorating the Reformation

In observance of the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s Ninety-five Theses and the start of the Protestant Reformation, the Spring 2017 issue of the Journal of Ecumenical Studies features a special section on “Commemorating the Reformation,” inspired by the North American Academy of Ecumenists (NAAE) 2016 Conference in Atlanta.

“We are proud to (share) the presentations from this meeting, held under the theme ‘Commemorating’ the Reformation: Churches Looking Together toward 2017—and Beyond,’” writes the Rev. Dr. Thomas F. Best, NAAE President, in an introduction to the section. “These presentations, all from leaders in their respective fields and reflecting a wide range of confessional and theological perspectives, focus on the complex ecumenical task of both remembering and moving forward.”

Articles in the section include:

  • “Commemorating” the Reformation: Churches Looking Together toward 2017—and Beyond (William G. Rusch)
  • Our Ecumenical Future: Lessons to Be Learned from the Events of 1517 (John A. Radano)
  • Re-Membering for a Common Future: Lutherans and Catholics Commemorate the Reformation, 2017 (Catherine E. Clifford)
  • What Is in It for the Rest of Us? Interconfessional and Global Perspectives on the 2017 Commemoration (Robert K. Welsh)
  • Creative Remembering—and Prudent Forgetting—on Our Way to Christian Unity (Patrick Henry)

Additional articles in the issue include:

  • (Editorial) Where in the World Are We Going? (Leonard Swidler)
  • Hospitality in Islam as Based on Cornille’s Conditions for Constructive Interreligious Dialogue (Adis Duderija)
  • Guru Nanak’s Vision of God as a Model for Christian Ecumenism (Alonzo L. Gaskill)

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The North American Academy of Ecumenists is a community of ecumenical scholars and activists from a wide variety of Christian traditions across North America. NAAE promotes scholarship, church life, and pastoral practice in the service of Christian unity and brings together ecumenists, theologians, liturgists, graduate students, church officials, clergy, religious, and laity actively pursuing Christian unity. Click her for more information.