Klaus Leisinger’s Lecture

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Dialogue Institute Chairman, Majid Alsayegh, and Executive Director, Sergio Mazza, hosted Dr. Klaus Leisinger on May 8th for a discussion on World Ethos for Business at the Museum of the American Revolution in Philadelphia. This lecture was made possible through the support of Dipl. Eng. Karl Schlecht and the Karl Schlecht Foundation. Dr. Leisinger’s lecture focused on Critical Issues for Business in the 21st Century and he addressed a room full of professionals from the private and public sector with decades of experience. All participants were highly engaged as Dr. Leisinger discussed the risks and challenges of bringing good ethics into corporate governance and the manner in which those businesses can be sustainable.

As the founder and president of Global Values in Basel, Switzerland, Dr. Leisinger, works to apply ethical norms and values in everyday practice in business, politics and society. His lecture discussed necessary steps for businesses to build public trust which led into an engaging discussion among all attendees.