Latest J.E.S. Issue Honors Leonard Swidler

The latest issue of the Journal of Ecumenical Studies (J.E.S.) is a Festschrift in honor of Dialogue Institute founder and J.E.S. co-founder Leonard Swidler.

The special issue was officially announced as a surprise to Professor Swidler during the New Steps in the "Cosmic Dance of Dialogue" event on April 24th. J.E.S. Managing Editor Nancy Krody, who herself has been with the Journal since 1973, made the announcement and presented copies to each of the three speakers.

Click here to see full content details (Volume 50, Number 1) or to order individual copies. To subscribe to the Journal, beginning with this issue, contact Penn Press (which now publishes the Journal). The Journal of Ecumenical Studies was co-founded by Arlene and Leonard Swidler in 1964.