Swidler Legacy Circle

by Moussa Mazraani

by Moussa Mazraani


Elizabeth Anton
Paul Arnett
Barbara & Howard A. Cohen
William Cullinan
Richard Daniel Drummond^
Nancy E. Krody
Rebecca Kratz Mays
Ann Schroeder

The Swidler Legacy Circle was formally launched in 2018 in honor of Professor Leonard Swidler (pictured at left) and in memory of his late wife, Arlene Anderson Swidler.*

The Circle represents a community of faithful and generous donors who have made a significant commitment—through a one-time gift of $5,000 or more (or recurring gifts of at least $1,000 annually, totaling $5,000 or more), and/or a planned gift—to support the ongoing work and impact of the Dialogue Institute and Journal of Ecumenical Studies. To help sustain global interfaith, intercultural scholarship, programming and grassroots dialogue training well into the future.

If you would like to discuss a gift toward membership in the Swidler Legacy Circle or have any questions, please contact Rebecca Mays, Director of Education, or Sergio Mazza, Executive Director.

* Len and Arlene co-founded the Journal of Ecumenical Studies in 1964, and Len founded the Dialogue Institute in 1978 (and remains President)
^ posthumously