Journal of Ecumenical Studies
Contents of Volume 28 (1991)

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Volume 28, Number 1 (Winter, 1991)


What Is Left to Believe in Jesus after the Scholars Have Done with Him?
by Philip L. Culbertson 1

Ecumenical Aspects of the Norwegian Free-Church Experience in World War II
by Arne Hassing 18

Veneration of the Saints in Western Christianity: An Ecumenical Issue in Historical Perspective
by Susan A. Rabe 39

Mutual Recognition of Baptism and Pastoral Care of Interchurch Marriages
by Ernest Falardeau 63

Sensus Fidelium : A Roman Catholic Reflection on Its Significance for Ecumenical Thought
by Patrick J. Hartin 74

Can People Who Believe in Different Religions Talk Together?
by Jacob Neusner 88

Volume 28, Number 2 (Spring, 1991)

The Victim-Community in Myth and History: Holocaust Ritual, the Question of Palestine, and the Rhetoric of Christian Witness
by Martin S. Jaffee 223

A Lutheran Proposal for the Neuralgic Question of the Filioque : The L.W.F. at Curitiba, Brazil, 1990
by Mark E. Chapman 239

An Ecumenical Solution to the Filioque Question?
by Theodore Stylianopoulos 260

Mary and the Prophetic Mission of the Church
by Mary E. Hines 281

Symbol as Universal Construction: Toward a Deconstruction of Syncretism
by Nikky-Guinder Kaur Singh 299

Volume 28, Number 3 (Summer, 1991)

The Background and Goals of the Consultation on Scripture, Tradition, and the Church: The Ecumenical Nexus
by William G. Rusch 379

Scripture, Tradition, and the Church
by Pierre Duprey 381

Response to Pierre Duprey
by Martin E. Marty 397

Scripture, Tradition, and the Church: The Ecumenical Nexus in American Lutheran Ecumenical Dialogue
by Harding Meyer 401

Response to Harding Meyer
by Walter R. Bouman 412

Scripture, Tradition, and the Church: The Ecumenical Nexus in International Lutheran Bilateral Dialogues
by Darlis J. Swan 418

Response to Darlis Swan
by Flemming Fleinert-Jensen 430

Scripture, Tradition, and the Church: The Ecumenical Nexus in Faith and Order Work
by Günther Gassmann 435

Response to Günther Gassmann
by Jeffrey Gros 448

The Doctrine of Scripture as a Doctrine about Tradition and the Church
by John Reumann 455

The Doctrine of Tradition as a Doctrine about Scripture and the Church
by Karlfried Froehlich 466

What Lessons Does the Consultation Suggest for the Future Dialogue Work of the E.L.C.A.?
by Gabriel Fackre 472

What Lessons Have We Learned?
by Daniel F. Martensen 475

Authors of "Scripture, Tradition, and the Church" Articles 478

The Study of Non-Christian Religions in the Post-Vatican II Roman Catholic Church
by Francis X. Clooney 482

Volume 28, Number 4 (Fall, 1991)

From One Story to Many: An Ecumenical Reappraisal of Church History
by Dale T. Irvin 537

Mystical and Evangelical Theology in Martin Luther and St. John of the Cross
by Donald Christopher Nugent 555

Tillich on Death and Suffering: A Key to Buddho-Christian Dialogue
by Whalen W. Lai 566

Jews and the Death of Jesus in Post-Vatican II Christologies
by Bernard P. Prusak 581

Explorations and Responses:

Christians and Jews in Dialogic Community? A Question to Jacob Neusner
by Bernard J. Lee, S.M. 101

Can People Who Believe in Different Religions Talk Together? A Jewish Response to Jacob Neusner
by Richard Libowitz 108

Can People Who Believe in Different Religions Talk Together? A Muslim Response to Jacob Neusner
by Khalid Durán 111

The Word Proceeds from the Spirit
by Paul W. Newman 115

Further Studies of Jesus and Paul Based on Swidler's <BI>Yeshua
by Harvey Falk 120

Response to Bernard J. Lee, Richard Libowitz, and Khalid Durán
by Jacob Neusner 324

Another Response to Jacob Neusner's "Can People of Different Religions Talk Together?"
by Lillian Sigal 625

Response to Marshall S. Jaffee
by Eugene J. Fisher 631


Toward a "Universal Declaration of Global Ethos"
by Leonard Swidler and Hans Küng 123

Book Reviews 126-183, 332-348, 495-513, 636-656

Books Received 125, 184, 280, 329, 348-349, 471, 513-515, 657-661

Ecumenical Abstracts 185-203, 350-365, 516-527, 662-671

Ecumenical Events 204-221, 366-378, 528-536, 672-688