Journal of Ecumenical Studies
Contents of Volume 40 (2003)

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Volume 40, Numbers 1-2 (Winter-Spring, 2003) 


Edited by Liu shu-hsien, John Berthrong, and Leonard Swidler

Table of Contents

by Leonard Swidler 1

Introduction: Contemporary Confucianism and Western Culture
by Liu Shu-hsien, John Berthrong, and Leonard Swidler 2

Confucianism for Modern Persons in Dialogue with Christianity and Modernity
by Leonard Swidler 12

Boston Confucianism: The Third Wave of Global Confucianism
by John Berthrong 26

Conscious and Unconscious Placing of Ritual (Li) and Humanity (Ren)
by Robert Cummings Neville 48

Confucianism as World Philosophy: A Response to Neville’s Boston Confucianism from a Neo-Confucian Perspective
by Liu Shu-shien 59

The Rise of Modern Historical Consciousness: A Cross-Cultural Comparison of Eighteenth-Century East Asia and Europe
by Q. Edward Wang 74

Richard Wilhelm’s Reception of Confucianism in Comparison with James Legge’s and Max Weber’s
by Adrian Hsia 96

Albert Schweitzer on Chinese Thought and Confucian Ethics
by Heiner Roetz 111

Mengzi and Virtue Ethics
by Bryan W. Van Norden 120

Confucianism and Genre: Presentation and Persuasion in Early Confucian Thought
by Lee H. Yearley 137

What Christianity Can Offer China in the Third Millennium
by Leonard Swidler 153

Jews in China; A Dialogue in Slow-Motion
by Wan-Li Ho 171

Seeds for Dialogue: Learning in Confucianism and Judaism
by Galia Patt-Shamir 201

Contributors 216

Volume 40, Numbers 3 (Summer, 2003)

Table of Contents

The Church and Faithfulness in a Religiously Plural Society
by S. Wesley Ariarajah 219

Anglican-Roman Catholic Dialogue in Canada
by Catherine E. Clifford 229

The Roman Catholic-United Church Dialogue in Canada
by Angelika Piché 235

Efforts for a Second Conference on Faith and Order in North America: A Progress Report
by William G. Rusch 240

Reconsidering the Possibility of Pluralism
by Rose Drew 245

Whose God? Which Religion? Compassion as the Heart of Interreligious Cooperation
by James E. Gilman 267

Volume 40, Numbers 4 (Fall, 2003)

Table of Contents

David S. Wyman’s The Abandonment of the Jews, Twenty Years After: Its Impact and Legacy

Preface: David S. Wyman and the Cosmic Dance of Dialogue
by Leonard Swidler 343

by Rafael Medoff 345

by Racelle R. Weiman 347

America, the Holocaust, and The Abandonment of the Jews
by Rafael Medoff 350

David S. Wyman and the Controversy over the Bombing of Auschwitz
by Paul B. Miller 370

Fudging the Numbers: Another Look at the Use of Statistics by Some Critics of The Abandonment of the Jews
by Alex Grobman 381

American Catholic Responses to the Holocaust: An Exchange between David S. Wyman and Eugene J. Fisher 386

Marching with the Bergson Group: A Memoir
by Arthur Hertzberg 390

Symposium 393

“Liberated by the Yanks”: The Holocaust as an American Story in Postwar News Articles
by Laurel Leff 407

From Literary Gadfly to Jewish Activist: The Political Transformation of Ben Hecht
by Gil Troy 431

The Evolution of American Orthodox Relief and Rescue Efforts during the Holocaust: Two

by Efraim Zuroff 450

Rabbi Joseph Soloveitchik and American Jewry’s Response to the Holocaust
by Haskel Lookstein 457

by David S. Wyman 461

Contributors 463

Explorations and Responses:

Nazism, Millenarianism, and the Jews
by Thomas Idinopulos 296

A Giant in Biblical Studies from the Far East
by Richard Henry Drummond 303

Debrecen Dialogues between Orthodox and Reformed Churches, 1972-1987
by János Pásztor 314

Recent Patriarchal Encyclicals on Religious Tolerance and Peaceful Coexistence
by George C. Papademetriou 320