Journal of Ecumenical Studies
Contents of Volume 35 (1998)

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Volume 35, Number 1 (Winter, 1998)


The Tongues of Pentecost: A Pentecostal Perspective on the Promise and Challenge of Pentecostal/Roman Catholic Dialogue
by Frank D. Macchia 1

Spiritual Wealth and Neo-Orientalism
by Tessa Bartholomeusz 19

Zen Master DÇgen Meets a Thirteenth-Century Postmodernist
by Terry C. Muck 33

From Shame to Responsibility and Christian Identity: The Dynamics of Shame and Confession regarding the Shoah
by Henry F. Knight 41

The Image of Covenant in Christian Understandings of Judaism
by Joann Spillman 63

Volume 35, Number 2 (Spring, 1998)

Interreligious Friendship: A New Theological Virtue
by James L. Fredericks 159

Chalcedonian Christology: Modern Criticism and Contemporary Ecumenism
by Mark S. G. Nestlehutt 175

The Presence of Christ in the Eucharist and the Formularies of the Church of England
by Christopher J. Cocksworth 197

Indian Sources on the Possibility of a Pluralist View of Religions
by Judson B. Trapnell 210

Regaining Our Ritual Coherence: The Question of Textuality and Worship in Ecumenical Reception
by Piet J. Naudé 235

Volume 35, Number 3-4 (Summer-Fall, 1998)

by Donna Geernaert 317

The North American Academy of Ecumenists: The Story of Its Establishment (1957-1967)
by Joseph A. Loya 319

One Movement, Many Visions?
by William G. Rusch 341

Exploring New Forms of Co-operation: The Project of "Mending the World"
by Peter Wyatt 347

The Bilateral Dialogues: New Visions and Challenges
by Darlis J. Swan 353

A Papacy Faithful to the Gospel: What Would the Protestant Churches Require?
by Pamela Dickey Young 357

An Emerging Ecumenical Consensus on Papal Primacy?
by John Baycroft 365

A Ministry of Communion for the Whole Church: Proposals for Conversion
by Catherine E. Clifford 370

Does Christian Unity Require Some Form of Papal Primacy?
by Clark Pinnock 380

The Structure of the Lutheran World Federation as a Model for Ecumenical Relationships
by Lynne F. Lorenzen 383

Ecumenical Principles for Teaching and Writing History
by Valerie A. Karras 387

Tensions in North American Protestantism: An Evangelical Perspective
by Curtiss Paul DeYoung 400

Christian Ministry as Communion: Contributions of 0rthodox-Reformed Dialogue to a Reformed Theology of Ecclesial Ministry
by Robert K. Martin 405

Mobile Sheep and Stable Shepherds: The Ëcumenical Challenge of Porous North American Denominational Boundaries
by Timothy D. Lincoln 425

The Turn to Pneumatology in Christian Theology of Religions: Conduit or Detour?
by Amos Yong 437

The Place of Interreligious Dialogue in the Academic Study of Religion
by Scott Daniel Dunbar 455

Ethnicity as a Theological Concept: The Thought of lászló TÅkés
by Helmut David Baer 471

Wartime Orthodox Jewish Thought about the Holocaust: Christian Implications
by Gershon Greenberg 483

Explorations and Responses:

A Word for Continuity: A Response to Joann Spillman
by Eugene Fisher 85

The Dark Side of the Soul: Human Nature and the Problem of Evil in Jewish and Christian Traditions
by Richard Lowry 88

The Complex Accusation of Sheep-Stealing: Proselytism and Ethics
by John C. Haughey 257

A Personal Perspective on the Community Ministry Movement
by A. David Bos 269

Book Reviews 101-130, 274-307, 497-530

Books Received 130-132, 307, 530-532

Ecumenical Events 133-145, 308-316,533-550

Ecumenical Resources 146-158, 551-560