Journal of Ecumenical Studies
Contents of Volume 33 (1996)

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Volume 33, Number 1 (Winter, 1996)


Ecumenism, Evangelism, and Religious Liberty
by Paul Mojzes  3

East European Missions, Perestroika, and Orthodox-Evangelical Tensions
by Mark Elliott  9

Ecumenism, Evangelization, and Religious Freedom in Russia and the Former Soviet Republics
by Archbishop Anatoly (Kuznetsov) of Kerch  20

Methodist Missionaries in Mother Russia
by Paul Crego  27

Russian Orthodoxy: Renewal or Revival?
by Mikhail Sergeev  36

To Win the Hearts and Minds: Evangelical Mission Activity in Albania as Global Culture War
by Linford Stutzman  44

Religious Life in Ukraine: Continuity and Change
by Andrii Krawchuk  59

Established Religion vs. New Religions: Social Perception and Legal Consequences
by Halina Grzymala-Moszczynska  69

Religious Seriousness: A Lesson from Postcommunist Europe
by Dane R. Gordon  73

Evangelical-Orthodox Dialogue in Russia on the Eve of the Tenth Anniversary of Cherno byl
by Michael J. Christensen  79

Volume 33, Number 2 (Spring, 1996)

God after Auschwitz: A Contribution to Contemporary Theology
by André LaCocque  157

Ministry and Ecclesiology in the Orthodox Responses to BEM
by Peter A. Baktis  173

Christianity and Judaism: Old History, New Beginnings
by Anson Laytner  187

Christological Concerns in Religious Dialogue in Light of Jewish-Christian Relations
by Robert J. Sadowski  204

The Recovery of the Senses: Against the Asceticisms of the Age
by James W. Heisig  216

Volume 33, Number 3 (Summer, 1996)

Precarious Unity and Vulnerable Ethics
by Ans J. van der Bent  315

Eastern Orthodox Reactions to the Ministry Section of the Lima Document
by Lucian Turcescu  330

Evangelism in the Second Axial Period
by Thomas V. Ambumkayathu  344

Religion and State: A Jewish-Christian-Muslim Dialogue 359

International Scholars' Annual Trialogue (ISAT)
by Leonard Swidler  360

Separation of Religion and State: Progress or Regress?
by Leonard Swidler  369

The Relationship between Religion and Politics in Islam: Neither Holyoake nor Holistic
by Khalid Durán  379

Judaism and the Polis
by Paul Mendes-Flohr  388

Volume 33, Number 4 (Fall, 1996)

The Chicago-Lambeth Quadrilateral: Development in an Anglican Approach to Christian Unity
by Robert B. Slocum  471

The Universality of Salvation: Christianity, Judaism, and Other Religions in Dante, Nostra Aetate, and the New Catechism
by Michael Patrick O'Connor  487

Byzantine and Contemporary Greek Orthodox Approaches to Islam
by Anastasios Yannoulatos  512

Interreligious Dialogue in Black Africa among Christianity, Islam, and African Traditional Religion
by Mutombo Nkulu-N'Sengha  528

A Christian Historical Perspective on Wisdom as a Basis for Dialogue with Judaism and Chinese Religion
by Leonard Swidler  557

Explorations and Responses:

Synthesis of Exegetical Advances involving Jesus, Paul, and the Law Might Contribute to Rapprochement between Orthodox Judaism and Christianity
by Jon C. Olson  87

Response to Stephen R. Haynes
by Eugene J. Fisher  93

More Steps toward Total Dialogue: A Tentative Response to Michael Kogan
by Isaac C. Rottenberg  238

Response to Eugene J. Fisher
by Stephen R. Haynes  244

Ecumenical Social Thought and the World Council of Churches
by Charles C. West  247

Response to Stephen R. Haynes
by Eugene J. Fisher  394

Two Women Priests: Latest Blow to Roman Catholic Traditionalists
by Doris Klostermaier  573

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