Journal of Ecumenical Studies
Contents of Volume 30 (1993)

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Volume 30, Number 1 (Winter, 1993)

Crossing the Boundaries: On the Idea of Interreligious Dialogue and the Political Question
by Douglas Sturm 1

Taking Pluralism Seriously: The Role of Metaphorical Theology within Interreligious Dialogue
by Harry L. Wells 20

Recent Strides toward Reunion of the Eastern and Oriental Orthodox Churches: Healing the Chalcedonian Breach
by Theodore Pulcini 34

Dialogue with the New Religious Movements: Issues and Prospects
by John A. Saliba 51

Scripture as Norm for Our Common Faith
by John Reumann and Joseph A. Fitzmyer 81

Volume 30, Number 2 (Spring, 1993)

Anglican-Roman Catholic Dialogues: Mutual Recognition of Ministries
by by ron L. Huffman 157

Extra-, Inner-, Intra-, Inter-Religious Voices
by Kenneth Paul Kramer 183

Christo-Praxis: Foundations for a Post-Holocaust Ethical Christology
by Michael E. Lodahl 213

The Divine Logos and Redemption: A Comparison of Baha'i and Early Christian Perspectives
by Michael Curtotti 227

Trik~ya and Trinity: Reflecting Some Aspects of Christian-Buddhist Dialogue
by Sybille Fritsch-Oppermann 245

Volume 30, Number 3-4 (Summer-Fall, 1993)

The Ecumenical Search for Tradition: Thirty Years after the Montreal Statement
by George H. Tavard 315

Communication Theory and Interreligious Dialogue
by David J. Krieger 331

Homosexuality and the Churches: A Quest for the Nicene Vision
by Mark Ellingsen 354

The Christology of Hans Küng: A Critical Analysis
by Clark M. Williamson 372

Creative Readings of the Covenant: A Jewish-Christian Approach
by Andrea L. Weiss 389

The Structures of the Church
by Roger Haight 403

Graymoor Papers IX: Jews--Christians--Muslims: Facing Modernity Together

by Leonard Swidler 415

Judaism--Christianity--Islam: Facing Modernity Together
by Ewert Cousins 417

Jews, Christians, Muslims--Working Together for Modernity
by Khalid Durán 426

Jews, Christians, and Muslims Face Modernity Together
by Nancy Fuchs-Kreimer 435

Explorations and Responses:

The Future of Judaeo-Christian Studies: A Jewish View
by Lewis John Eron 108

The First Attempt to Use Gender-Inclusive Language in English Bible Translation
by Charles H. Cosgrove 263

Thank You, Rabbi Neusner, but No Thank You
by Isaac C. Rottenberg 269

Some Reflections on Larry Shinn's "Words, Symbols, Experience, and the Naming of the Divine"
by Kana Mitra 273

Book Reviews 113-136, 275-300, 442-485

Books Received 136-137, 244, 300, 486-489

Ecumenical Events 138-145, 301-308, 491-504

Ecumenical Resources 146-156, 212, 309-314, 505-528