Journal of Ecumenical Studies
Contents of Volume 32 (1995)

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Volume 32, Number 1 (Winter, 1995)

Linguistic Theory and Ecumenical Convergence: The Case of Justification 
by Christian J. Barrigar 1

Aher and Jesus 
by G. David Schwartz 13

Mysticism and Ecumenism: On the Question of Religious Identity in the Religious Dialogue 
by Eckard Wolz-Gottwald 25

The Contemporary Confucian-Christian Encounter: Interreligious or Intrareligious Dialogue? 
by Christian Jochim 35

Changing Paradigms: Reformist, Radical, and Rejectionist Approaches to the Relationship of Christianity and Antisemitism 
by Stephen R. Haynes 63

Toward a Jewish Theology of Christianity 
by Michael S. Kogan 89

Volume 32, Number 2 (Spring, 1995)

A Ministry for Tomorrow's Church 
by John N. Collins 159

Globalization and Catholicity: Two Expressions of One Ecclesiology? 
by Richard Marzheuser 179

Anglican Identity and Ecumenism 
by Robert Hannaford 195

The Holy Conversation: Toward a Jewish Theology of Dialogue 
by Terry A. Bookman 207

Jerusalem, the Sacred City: Perspectives from Judaism and Islam 
by David J. Zucker and Jane I. Smith 227

Volume 32, Number 3 (Summer, 1995)

The World Student Christian Federation Centennial 
by L. Newton Thurber 315

The National Student Christian Federation: A Bridge between Independent Organizations and a Unified Movement 
by Leonard Clough 319

The Commission on World Mission of the National Student Christian Federation, 1961-1966: A Brief History 
by C. Alton Robertson 335

The University Christian Movement: A Personal Remembrance 
by Paul E. Schrading 340

Some Reflections on the University Christian Movement 
by Samuel N. Slie 353

Reflections on the Student Christian Movement of the 1960's and Its Effect on My Life 
by Elmira Kendricks Nazombe 355 
by Steven H. Johnson 359 
by Jill Foreman Hultin 364 
by Alice Hageman 375 
by Henry Bucher, Jr. 380 
by Alice Austin 383

A Brief Research Sketch on the Goals and Objectives of the WSCF in North America: 1969-1978 
by John Boonstra 384

Visions in Conflict 
by Reuben C. Baerwald 399

A Canadian Perspective on the WSCF North American Region 
by Betsy Anderson 402

The National Ecumenical Student Christian Council, 1980-86: An Attempt to Rebuild a U.S. Student Christian Movement 
by Ruth M. Harris 406

"Would That All the Lord's People Were Prophets!" The National Interim Committee and NESC II 
by Jennifer McGovern and Francis James Rivers 419

Personal Reflections 
by Jennifer McGovern 423 
by Steve Unruhe 424

1981-1985: Korea-American Perspectives 
by Paul Kim with Henry Em and Chongho Kim 425

1985-1986: An African American Male Perspective 
by Cecil C. Gray 430

Perspectives on NESCC by National Staff and Resource Persons 
by Ruth M. Harris 435

U.S. Churches and the Emerging Student Christian Movement: The Story of the CESCM 
by Clyde O. Robinson, Jr. 444

Developments in the Student Christian Movements in the 1990's 
by Miriam E. Vincent 448

The History and Archives Project of the World Student Christian Federation, 1987-95 
by Terry Thompson 451

Guide to WSCF/SCM Centennial Historical Resources and Archives in the U.S.A. 
by L. Newton Thurber 459

Volume 32, Number 4 (Fall, 1995)

Lutheran Campus Ministry and Student Organizations, 1969-94 
by Burnice Fjellman 473

The Methodist Student Movement: A Brief Historical Sketch 
by Donald G. Shockley 478

The United Campus Christian Fellowship 
by Verlyn L. Barker 481

The National Campus Ministry Association, 1964-94: A Brief History 
by Charles W. Doak 500

Drawing Strength from the Past: The Student Movement of the YMCA's of the U.S.A., 1970?95 
by Jean Burkhardt 505

The Student YWCA since 1960 
by Kay Logan 516

The University Question Revisited 
by Robert L. Johnson 521

A Reflection on Race Relations in the Student Christian Movement 
by Samuel Slie 525

Peace, Justice, and Global Citizenship: Some Issues and Responses of U.S. Student Christian Movements and Campus Ministries, 1950's to 1990's 
by John E. Jordan 533

Motive Magazine, the Student Movement, and the Arts 
by Wilson Yates 555

Gender Equality in the WSCF: Inter-Regional Encounters 
by Ruth M. Harris 574

World Student Christian Federation--North America Region Women's Project 
by Jan Griesinger 592

Women in Ministry Doing Theology: 1970's in the U.S.A. 
by Carol S. Robb with Nancy D. Richardson 598

Ecumenical Mission Involvement, Voluntary Service, and International Students 
by Margaret Flory 603

Student Ministries and Global Mission Involvement from the Perspective of a U.S. Denominational Overseas Mission Staff, 1965?1990 
by Ruth M. Harris 620

Seeds in New Soil: Ecumenism and a New U.S. Student Generation, 1990?1995 
by Kenneth J. Guest 635

International Students: Some Key Dynamics and Dimensions of Local Ecumenical Ministries 
by John E. Jordan 646

Selected Events in U.S. Campus Ministry History 
by Donald G. Shockley and L. Newton Thurber 655

World Student Christian Federation Centennial: U.S. Historical Bibliography 
by Verlyn A. Barker , L. Newton Thurber , and Franklin J. Woo 657

Explorations and Responses:

Scriptural/Theological Argument against Women's Ordination (Simply Stated) and Responses 
by Richard J. Beauchesne 107

Helping Those Who Are Interested in, But Fearful of, Dialogue 
by Joseph Stoutzenberger 114

Grime and the Grassroots 
by Mark Kiley 257

A Jewish Response to byron L. Sherwin's "A New Jewish View of Jesus" 
by Steven L. Jacobs 263

Book Reviews 115-150, 269-294, 461-465, 661-662

Books Received 151-152, 295

Ecumenical Events 153-157, 296-305, 466-470, 662-667

Ecumenical Resources 157-158, 306-314