Journal of Ecumenical Studies
Contents of Volume 41 (2004)

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Volume 41, Number 1 (Winter, 2004)

Into Another Intensity: Christian-Jewish Dialogue Moves Forward
by Michael S Kogan 1

Ambassador for the Word: Mary as a Bridge for Dialogue between Catholicism and Islam
by Maura Hearden 18

Ash Wednesday after Auschwitz
by Theresa M. Sanders 39

Ecumenism at a Cost: Women, Ordination, and Sexuality:
“Disagree with the Umpire—Take the Ball, and Go Home”
by Leonie B. Liveris 55

The Interfaith Movement: An Incomplete Assessment
by Kusumita P. Pedersen 74

Volume 41, Number 2 (Spring, 2004)

Ecumenism: New Studies in North American Perspective

by Mark Noll 119

by Daniel C. Goodwin and Samuel H. Reimer 121

About the Authors 124

Maritime Baptist Union and the Power of Regionalism
by Daniel C. Goodwin 125

The Canadian Council of Churches:
Its Founding Vision and Early Years, 1944–1964
by Daniel C. Goodwin 147

Cooperative Religion in Quebec
by Richard Lougheed 174

Things That Make for a Peacable Kingdom: An Overview of Christianity and Cooperativeness” across the Continental Divide
by Dennis R. Hoover and Samuel H. Reimer 205

Lay Cooperation in Canada: Catholic and Mainline and Conservative Protestant Attitudes toward  Interdenominational Cooperation
by Samuel H. Reimer 223

Ecumenism of the Trenches? The Politics of Evangelical-Catholic Alliances
by Dennis R. Hoover 247

Volume 41, Number 3–4 (Summer–Fall, 2004)

Muslim, Jewish, and Christian Relationships in Germany following September 11, 2001
by Frederick C. Holmgren 293

Old Wine in New Bottles: Liberation Theology and the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict
by Adam Gregerman 313

A Spherical Model of Spirituality:
A Pluralistic Perspective on the World’s Religions
by Mehrdad Massoudi 341

Mendelssohn’s Religious Perspective of Non-Jews
by Zvi Jonathan Kaplan 355

Problem or Promise? Confessional Martyrs and Mennonite-Roman Catholic Relations
by Jeremy M. Bergen 367

Paris, Rome, Jerusalem: An Ecumenical Journey
by George Lindbeck 389

Just Policing: How War Could Cease to Be a Church-Dividing Issue
by Gerald W. Schlabach 409

Panikkar, Abhishiktānanda, and the Distinction between Relativism and Relativity in Interreligious Discourse
by Judson B. Trapnell 431

Explorations and Responses:

A Response to David S. Wyman
by Eugene J. Fisher 95

A Response to Michael S. Kogan concerning “Reflections on Covenant and Mission”
by Philip A. Cunningham 272

The Würzburg Declaration
by Francis X. D’sa, S.J 275

Francis Younghusband: Founder of the World Congress of Faiths
by Marcus Braybrooke 456

Response tothe David Wyman Special Issue
by William D. Rubinstein 463