Journal of Ecumenical Studies
Contents of Volume 49 (2014)

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JES Volume 49, Number 1 (Winter 2014)
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Volume 49, Number 1 (Winter 2014)

Celebrating 50 Years of Ecumenism and Interreligious Dialogue

by Nancy E. Krody   1

The Beginnings:

“In The Beginning There Was the Thought”
by Leonard Swidler    7

Reflections on Arlene Anderson Swidler in Celebration of the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Journal of Ecumenical Studies
by Virginia Kaib Ratigan     13

My Adventures with the Journal of Ecumenical Studies
by Catherine Berry Stidsen      16

Intra-Christian Ecuminism:

Grateful Remembrance of Vatican Council II
by Gregory Baum     21

The Second Vatican Council: A Memoir
by John Groutt    25

Remembering Robert McAfee Brown (1920–2001)
by Michael Novak     37

Ecumenical Houses Conjoined: J.E.S. and the North American Academy of Ecumenists
by Joseph Loya     45

Barth, Kraemer, and Bonhoeffer on Religion: A Reflection
by Charles C. West     53

That All May Be One
by Miriam T. Winter     59

Denominational Congresses at the 1893 World’s Parliament of Religions
by Marcus Braybrooke      65

A Cautious Skeptic Becomes a Committed Ecumenist
by Demetrios J. Constantelos     78

The Change in the Macro Setting of the Church
by Hans Küng     85

The Abrahamic Faiths and Beyond:

How Fifty Years in Ecumenical and Interreligious Life Have Changed Me
by Barbara Brown Zikmund       88

Fifty Years of Christian-Jewish Dialogue—What Has It Changed?
by John T. Pawlikowski      99

Doing Justice to Judaism: The Challenge to Christianity
by Mary C. Boys     107

Living Dialogically
by Eugene J. Fisher     111

From Holocaust to Dialogue: Temple University Jewish-Christian Encounter in Germany
by Racelle R. Weiman       119

Breaking the Silence: The Beginning of Holocaust Education in America
by Marcia Sachs Littell       125

Engaging in Interreligious Dialogue: Recollections and Reflections of a Muslim Woman
by Riffat Hassan        134

Interreligious Dialogue and the Journal of Ecumenical Studies: Reflections of a Muslim
by Sanaullah Kirmani      140

Kennedy Institute Jewish-Christian-Muslim Trialogue
by Eugene J. Fisher       144

From Initial Excitement to Maturity
by Paul Mojzes     147

Reversals in Buddhist-Christian Relations
by John B. Cobb, Jr.       152

My Ecumenical and Interfaith Journey
by Rosemary Radford Ruether     159

Can We Put Our Theological Money Where Our Dialogical Mouth Is? Looking Back over the Past Fifty Years
by Paul F. Knitter       166

Authors in This Issue      174


Which Word(s) to Choose: Ecumenical, Interreligious, Interfaith . . . ?
by Leonard Swidler       184

What Is in a Name?
by Paul Mojzes      189

JES Volume 49, Number 2 (Spring 2014)
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Volume 49, Number 2 (Spring 2014)


Wealth and Poverty: A Christian Biblical Reflection in Dialogue with Jews and Muslims
by Leonard Swidler  191


The Holy Spirit and Lived Communion from the Perspective of International Bilateral Dialogues
by Jeremy M. Bergen   193

Toward a Chrismatic Ecclesiology as a Theological Basis for Primacy
by Daniel F. Stramara, Jr.    218

Supersession and Continuance: The Orthodox Church’s Perspective on Supersessionism
by Harold Smith    247

Special N.A.A.E. Section On
“The Emerging Face of Being One: Exploring Various Models of Christian Unity”

by Lorelei F. Fuchs, SA    274

Authors in This Special Section    277

The Emerging Face of Being One: Community of Christ’s Discernment into Ecumenical Community
by Dale E. Luffman    281

The Emerging Face of Being One: Discerning the Ecumenical Community from the Christian Science Church
by Shirley Paulson    285

The Emerging Face of Being One: Ecumenical Windows for Evangelicals
by John H. Armstrong     295

Fostering Theological Discernment and Ecumenical Formation: An Interseminary Model
by Elizabeth Y. Sung     311

Formation in Ecumenism through Focolare
by Jo-Ellen Karstens   319

Ecumenical Formation for the Twenty-First Century
by John H. Thomas    322

The Emerging Face of Being One: Exploring Various Models of Christian Unity
by Bishop Demetrios of Mokissos   325

The Christian Century: Past, Present, and Future
by John M. Buchanan    333

Book Reviews    340

JES Volume 49, Number 3 (Summer 2014)
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Volume 49, Number 3 (Summer 2014)


Sorting Out Meanings: “Religion,” “Spiritual,” “Interreligious,” “Interfaith,” Etc.,
by Leonard Swidler 373


Tribal Alliances: The State of Israel and Native American Christianity
by Mark Clatterbuck 384

Rowan Williams on Sharī‘a, Secularism, and Surprise
by Joel C. Daniels 405

Free Church Theology, the Pilgrim Church, and the Ecumenical Future
by Steven R. Harmon 420

“Make Us One with Christ”: Essay on the Anglican-Methodist Dialogue
by Richard A. Hughes 443

A Gift Yet to Be Received: Presbyteral Confirmation and Anglican-Lutheran Relations in Canada
by Bruce Myers 458

The Diplomat and the Pioneer in Jewish-Catholic Relations prior to Nostra Aetate: Jo Willebrands and Toon Ramselaar
by Marcel J. H. M. Poorthuis 471

Explorations and Responses:

Heavens and Earth: A Jewish Creation Story as a Metaphor for Interreligious and Interfaith Dialogue
by Cyndi Nienhaus, C.S.A 489

The Genesis, Development, and Reception of an Ecumenical Pilgrimage
by Andrew L. Wilson 499

The Emerging Face of Being One: Reflections from an Indian Perspective
by Yahu Thabeetha Vinayaraj 506

Book Reviews 511

Ecumenical Resources 517

JES Volume 49, Number 4 (Fall 2014)
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Volume 49, Number 4 (Fall 2014)


Dialogue Permeates the Cosmos and Humanity
by Leonard Swidler 531


On Moral Teaching and the Church: Advances in Ecumenical Understanding
by Timothy F. Sedgwick 537

Dumitru Stăniloae on the Filioque: The Trinitarian Relationship between the Son and the Spirit and Its Relevance for the Ecclesiological Synthesis between Christology and Pneumatology
by Viorel Coman. 553

Sola Fide: The Mystery of Salvation by Faith
by Larry Rinehart    577

One Step Forward, Two Steps Back: Supersessionism and Pope Benedict XVI’s Eschatological Ecclesiology concerning Israel and the Jewish People
by Steven D. Aguzzi  601

Muslims’ Participation in Interfaith Dialogue: Challenges and Prospects
by Muhammad Zia-ul-Haq 613

Explorations and Responses:

Unique and Shared Names of God in Islam and Judaism
by Allen S. Maller 647

Blood of God in Sufism: The Theory of Yadollāh Yazdānpanāh
by Habibollah Babaei 651 

A Pictorial Response to Religious Disunity
by Christopher Evan Longhurst  657

Book Reviews 661

Ecumenical Resources 679