Journal of Ecumenical Studies
Contents of Volume 48 (2013)

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JES Volume 48, Number 1 (Winter 2013)
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Volume 48, Number 1 (Winter, 2013)


“Naming” Ultimate Reality
by Leonard Swidler 1


Are We There Yet? The Task And Function Of Full-Communion Coordinating Committees
by Mitzi J. Budde 5

Primacy, Synodality, And Collegiality In Orthodoxy: A Liturgical Model
by Nicholas E. Denysenko 20

The One And The Many: Peter And Peters
by Jonathan Martin Ciraulo 45

Biological Evolution And The Universality Of Spiritual Experience: Pluralistic Implications Of A New Approach To The Thought Of Teilhard De Chardin
by Christopher C. Knight 58

Jonah And The Religious Other: An Exploration Of Biblical Inclusivism
by Ryan Patrick Mclaughlin 71

Proclaiming The Mystery Of Faith Together: Toward Greater Common Witness Between Pentecostals And Roman Catholics On The Lord’s Supper
by Christopher A. Stephenson 85

Explorations And Responses:

Where Difference Matters: Social Ethics In The Contemporary World
by Ingeborg Gabriel 97

Intelligence On The Siege Of Augsburg
by Larry Rinehart 107

Accommodating Trinity: A Brief Note On Ibn ‘Arabī’s Views
by Qaiser Shahzad 114

Logical Religious Exclusivism And Truth
by Francis Jonbäck 121

Book Reviews 125

JES Volume 48, Number 2 (Spring 2013)
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Volume 48, Number 2 (Spring, 2013)


Deeper Meanings of Dialogue Today
by Leonard Swidler 143

Special N.A.A.E. Section On “The Ecumenical Legacy Of The Second Vatican Council, 50 Years Later”

by Lorelei F. Fuchs 145

The Ecumenical Legacy of the Second Vatican Council: Reflections of an Accidental Ecumenist
by Karen B. Westerfield Tucker 151

The Legacy of the Second Vatican Council: An Orthodox Perspective
by Despina D. Prassas 166

The Ecumenical Legacy of the Second Vatican Council: A Disciples Perspective
by Robert K. Welsh 175

The Second Vatican Council: The Legacy Viewed through Methodist Eyes
by Geoffrey Wainwright 183

Memories of Vatican II
by William A. Norgren 203

Do We Need a Vatican III or an Eighth Ecumenical Council?
by William G. Rusch 211


Mary and Muhammad: Bearers of the Word—Their Roles in Divine Revelation
by Axel Takács 220

Explorations and Responses:

Reader Response to the Winter, 2013, Issue
by Larry Rinehart 244

Truly Human: Maurice Friedman’s Last Lecture
by Kenneth P. Kramer 249

Tawḥīd and Homooúsios: Narrowing the Gaps between Muslim and Christian Understanding of God’s Divine Oneness
by Christopher Evan Longhurst 255

Sakinah and Shekinah: One Word with Two Perspectives
by Allen S. Maller 259

Book Reviews 261

JES Volume 48, Number 3 (Summer 2013)
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Volume 48, Number 3 (Summer, 2013)

Special Issue On
Understanding Religious Pluralism: Perspectives from Religious Studies and Theology—a conference held at Georgetown University in May, 2012

by Peter C. Phan and Jonathan S. Ray 269

Authors in This Special Issue 270

From Plurality to Pluralism: A Philosophical Defense of Religious Relationship against Relativism
by Anil Mundra 276

Dialogue as Speech Act and Discourse: Methods to Understand What Interreli-gious Dialogue Does with Reference to A Common Word between Us and You
by Vebjørn L. Horsfjord 289

Prolegomenon to a Constructive Buddhist Philosophy of Religious Diversity
by P. J. Johnston 299

Drawing and Being Drawn: On Applying Friendship to Comparative Theology
by Taraneh Wilkinson 307

Managing Religion: Religious Pluralism, Liberalism, and Governmentality
by Tiffany Puett 317

Reverse-Engineering Belonging: A Foucauldian Archaeology of Multiple Religious Identity
by Peter C. Herman 328

Beyond Jacques Derrida and George Lindbeck: Toward a Particularity-Based Approach to Interreligious Communication
by Tasi Perkins 343

The Ritual of the Limping Dance: Kosuke Koyama’s Positive Assessment of Pluralism for Christian Theology
by Dale T. Irvin 359

Teaching Cross-Cultural Ethics in a Context of Pluralism and Multiculturalism: Teaching Where Religion and Ethics Intersect
by James T. Bretzke 369

The Evolution of the Assisi Gathering: To Humanism and Beyond?
by Jason Welle, O.F.M 377

Pathways for Dialogue in the 21st Century: What We Learned at Assisi 2012
by Gerard Mannion 391

Explorations and Responses:

Pope John Paul II: A Jewish Perspective on a Polish Catholic Saint
by Harold Kasimow 410

God Remembers, Indonesia Forgets: Explorations of Forgiveness in Binsar Jonathan Pakpahan and Joshua Oppenheimer
by Theodore Friend 417


Religion: Whence—Why—Whoops!—Whither
by Leonard Swidler 421

Book Reviews 427

JES Volume 48, Number 4 (Fall 2013)
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Volume 48, Number 4 (Fall, 2013)


Modernity Attains a Fourth Characteristic: Dialogue!
by Leonard Swidler      441


Interpreting the Pain of Others: John Paul II and Benedict XVI on Jewish Suffering in the Shoah
by Adam Gregerman       443

Hasidei umot ha-olam: A Remarkable Concept
by Gilbert S. Rosenthal     467

“Love One Another as I Have Loved You”: The Place of Friendship in Interfaith Dialogue
by SimonMary Asese Aihiokhai     491

The Divine Image: Hindu Mūrti and Byzantine Iconography
by Jonathan Martin Ciraulo       509

“Things Are Not What They Seem”: Dominus Iesus, Ecumenism, and   Interreligious Dialogue
by Loe-Joo Tan      523

A Tribute to an Ecumenist and Lay Theologian: Brother Jeffrey Gros, FSC (1938–2013)
by Timothy Lim T. N.     535

Varying Views of Spirit Baptism: An Analysis of Speech-Acts toward Ecumenical Dialogue
by Jonathan A. Malone     571

Explorations and Responses:

The Many Faces of Faith
by Eugene P. Trager      586

The Eclipse of The Light of the Word
by Jadranka Brnčić      601

A Lutheran Response to Weigel’s Evangelical Catholicism
by Larry Rinehart       609

Book Reviews     615

Ecumenical Resources      619