Journal of Ecumenical Studies
Contents of Volume 45 (2010)

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Volume 45, Number 1 (Winter, 2010)


Like Rosewater: Reflections On Interreligious Dialogue
by Ingeborg Gabriel 1

Protestant Reconciliation—A Matter For Solid Dialogue:
A 17th-Century Dutch Proposal For International Lutheran-Reformed Dialogue And A European Protestant Agreement
by Frank Van De Pol 24

Catholic-Jewish Dialogue: Contesting The Covenants
by David J. Bolton 37

The Prophet & The Saint: Exploring Tensions And Possibilities For Dialogue Between Faiths
by David Emmanuel Singh 61

What Do College Students Want? A Student-Centered Approach To Multifaith Involvement
by Paul V. Sorrentino 79

Culture And Interreligious Understanding According To The Romanian Philosopher Lucian Blaga
by Michael S. Jones 97

You Are Peter: A Critical Analysis Of The Orthodox View Of Papal Primacy In View Of An Alternative Way Of Exercising Papal Primacy
by Vitalis Mshanga 113

Explorations And Responses:

What A Reform Rabbi Learns From Prophet Muhammad
by Allen S. Maller 134


Authentic Religion: Within Me, And Between Me And Thee
by Leonard Swidler 140

Book Reviews 143

Ecumenical Resources 168

Volume 45, Number 2 (Spring, 2010)


“Nobody Knows Everything About Anything!” The Cosmic Dance Of Dialogue
by Leonard Swidler 175

Special Section: Unity In Mission Faith And Order Study Group Introduction: Unity In Mission
by Mitzi J. Budde And Don Thorsen 178

Unity And Mission: A Pilgrimage Of Accompaniment
by John T. Ford 187

Repentance As A Paradigm For Christian Mission
by Matthew D. Lundberg 201

The Marks As Signposts Of The Journey To Unity In Mission
by Mitzi J. Budde 218

The Role Of Ecumenical Charity In Christian Mission
by Antonios Kireopoulos 227

Relational Unity In Mission: Reflecting God’s Life
by Susan E. Davies 234

Transforming A Nation Through Mission: A Case Study On The Church In Albania
by Anton C. Vrame 245


Pentecostalism And Political Empowerment: The Nigerian Phenomenon
by Simonmary Asese Aihiokhai 249

Renovating The Household Of Life: On The Development Of Ecumenical Relations Between Sacred And Scientific
by Aaron T. Hollander 265

Explorations And Responses:

Muslim-Christian Relationship From The Perspective Of King Abdullah’s Interfaith Dialogue Initiatives: Current Challenges And Possibilities
by Fahad A. Alhomoudi 288

Response To Kinnamon, Bouteneff, And Daniels
by Margaret O’gara 296

Response To Bolton’s “Contesting The Covenants”
by Philip A. Cunningham 299

Book Reviews 301

Ecumenical Resources 334

Volume 45, Number 3 (Summer, 2010)


The Study Of Religion And Interreligious Dialogue
by Leonard Swidler 349

Special N.A.A.E. Section On “The Ethical Horizon From An Ecumenical Point Of View”

by John W. Crossin 352

Ethics In Ecumenical Dialogues: A Survey And Analysis
by Michael Root 357

What Orthodox Christian Ethics Can Offer Ecumenism
by Stanley S. Harakas 376

The Ethics Of Peacemaking: The Genesis Of Called Together To Be Peacemakers—Report Of The
International Mennonite-Catholic Dialogue (2004)
by Drew Christiansen 385

Exploring The Great Divide: Sex, Ethics, And Ecumenism
by Timothy F. Sedgwick 417

Prudence And The Future: An Ecumenically Shaped Ethic
by John W. Crossin 426

Response To “The Ethical Horizon”: Fidelity, Hospitality, And Justice
by Kristin Johnston Largen 433

Reflections On Presentations
by Thomas A. Prinz 440

Ecumenical Foremothers: Commemorating, Celebrating, And Continuing Their Legacy
by Lorelei F. Fuchs 443


Crossing Religious Borders
by June O’connor 451

A Politics Of Pluralism In American Democracy:
Reinhold Niebuhr’s Christian Realism As A National Resource In A Post-9/11 World
by Tony L. Richie 471

Trialogue: Out Of The Shadows Into Blazing “Desert” Sun!
by Leonard Swidler 493

Book Reviews 510

Volume 45, Number 4 (Fall, 2010)


A Modest Suggestion: “God,” Not “Allah”
by Leonard Swidler 523


The Implications Of “Religious Experience” For Catholic-Pentecostal Dialogue: A Catholic Perspective
by Ralph Del Colle 525

Eucharistic Ecclesiology Of Nicolas Afanasiev And Its Ecumenical Significance: A New Perspective
by Anastacia Wooden 543 

The Recovery Of Eucharistic And Holographic Ecclesiology As A Promising Avenue Of Ecumenical Dialogue And Broader Mutual Recognition
by Laurent Cleenewerck And Ernst R. Von Schwarz 561

Ecumenical Reflections On The Lutheran–Roman Catholic Simul Justus Et Peccator Controversy
by Vitalis Mshanga 578

Choosing Fear Or Freedom: Apocalyptic Thinking As A Danger And An Invitation For Christians
by Mary Steinmetz 591

Mapping” The Religious Other:
Vatican II’s Approach To Protestantism
by Jerusha Tanner Lamptey 604

A Shiite Theology Of Solidarity Through The Remembrance Of Liberative Suffering
by Habibollah Babaei 615

Explorations And Responses:

Dying Before Dying:
Interview With Brother David Steindl-Rast
by Kenneth P. Kramer 632

Pacem In Terris
by Normandie Gaitley 645

Book Reviews 650

Ecumenical Resources 671