Journal of Ecumenical Studies
Contents of Volume 43 (2008)

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Volume 43, Number 1 (Winter, 2008)


Understanding, Affirmation, Sharing: Nostra Aetate and An Anglican Approach To Inter-Faith Relations
by Michael Ipgrave 1

Vatican II, The Passion Of The Christ, And The Future Of Catholic-Jewish Dialogue
by Alan L. Berger 17

Roth, Rushdie, And Rage: Religious Reactions To Portnoy And The Verses
by David J. Zucker 31

Improvising Together: Christian Solidarity AndHospitality As Jazz Performance
by Thomas E. Reynolds 45

Paradigms Of Ecumenism As A Spiritual Practice: Father Thomas Keating And Swami Atmarupananda Discuss The Theory And Practice Of Dialogue
by Netanel Miles-Yepez 67

Under One Christ: Implications Of A Roman Catholic Recognition Of The Confessio Augustana In C.E. 2017
by Paul A. Schreck 90

“Of Some Symbolic Importance But Not Much Else”: The Irish Inter-Church Meeting And Ecumenical Dialogue In Northern Ireland, 1980–1999
by Maria Power 111

Catholic Women’s Ordination: The Ecumenical Implications Of Women Deacons In The Armenian Apostolic Church, The Orthodox Church Of Greece, And The Union Of Utrecht Old Catholic Churches
by Phyllis Zagano 124

Book Reviews 138

Ecumenical Resources 146

Volume 43, Number 2 (Spring, 2008)

Interfaith Dialogue At The Grass Roots

by Leonard Swidler Ix

by Rebecca Kratz Mays 1

1. Understanding Dialogue
by Leonard Swidler 9

2. Doing Effective Dialogue—And Loving It
by Miriam Therese Winter 25

3. Storytelling As A Key Methodology For Interfaith Youth Work
by Eboo Patel, April Kunze, And Noah Silverman 35

4. The Next Thing To Dialogue
by Edith Howe And S. Mark Heim 47

5. Bringing The Dialogue Home
by Michael S. Kogan 61

6. The Art Of Heeding
by Khaleel Mohammed 75

7. The Power Of Hope
by Racelle Weiman 87

8. Conclusion: Making Dialogue Real
by Maria Hornung 97


Building A Shared Home For Everyone — Interreligious Dialogue At The Grass Roots In Indonesia
by Achmad Munjid 109

Friendship Counts Most
by Marcia Prager And Rebecca Kratz Mays 121

Volume 43, Number 3 (Summer, 2008)


Interpreting The Scriptures Together: Seeking The Visible Unity Of The Church
by William Tabbernee 295

Interpreting The Scriptures Together: Seeking The Visible Unity Of The Church
by Beverly Roberts Gaventa 309

The Meaning Of “Life”: The Giving Of Life As A Criterion For Ecumenical Hermeneutics
by Peter-Ben Smit 320

The Dialogues Between The European Baptist Federation And The Community Of Protestant Churches In Europe
by Uwe Swarat 333

Approaching The Problem Of Religious Truth In A Pluralistic World: A Pentecostal-Charismatic Contribution
by Tony L. Richie351

The Buddha As A Lens For Reading Koheleth/Ecclesiastes
by Daniel F. Polish 370

Toward An Interreligious Theology Of Church: Revisiting Bernard Lonergan’s Contribution To The “Dialogue Of Religions”
by Reid B. Locklin383

Bridal Mysticism: A Study Of St. Bernard Of Clairvaux And Nammāḻvār
by K. R. Sundararajan411

Explorations And Responses:

Kramer’s Buberian Lens On Eliot’s Four Quartets
by Maurice Friedman423

Bibhuti S. Yadav On Modern Interreligious Dialogue
by William C. Allen 436

Response To Alan L. Berger
by Eugene J. Fisher 441

Response To Eugene J. Fisher
by Alan L. Berger 445

Book Reviews448

Volume 43, Number 4 (Fall, 2008)


Plan B In The Pluralist-Dialogue Approach To Religious Diversity In America
by Paul D. Numrich 453

The Eucharistic Presence Of Christ In Seventeenth-Century Dutch Protestant Popular Piety: 
Toward A Catholic-Protestant Rapprochement?
by Tony Maan476

Was Justin Martyr A Proto-Inclusivist?
by Adam Sparks 495

Teshuvah, Ecumenism, And The Reign Of Heaven: The Role Of Repentance In The Ecumenical Movement
by Margaret E. L. Whibley 511

Judaism, Christianity, And The Hebrew Bible
by John C. Poirier 525

That All May Be One: A Tale Of Three Churches
by Patricia Fosarelli537

Muḥammad, “The Prophet Like Moses”?
by David Emmanuel Singh 545

Toward A Christian Theology Of Dialogic Communication At The Grassroots Level In A Multireligious Context
by Joshva Raja 562

The Resilience And Reconstructive Impact Of African Religion In Post-Apartheid South Africa
by Julius Mutugi Gathogo577

Explorations And Responses:

Dialogue With Science As An Ideology?

The Science And Christianity Relationship As An Interreligious Dialogue
by Joachim Ostermann596

Reflections Prompted by Richard Dawkins’s The God Delusion
by Klaus K. Klostermaier 607