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Contents of Volume 39 (2002)

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Volume 39, Numbers 1-2 (Winter-Spring, 2002) 

Interreligious Dialogue toward Reconciliation In Macedonia and Bosnia 

Table of Contents

by Paul Mojzes and Leonard Swidler 1

Part One

Confidence-Building Between The Churches and Religious Communities In Macedonia Through Dialogue

Introduction: How Interreligious Dialogue Can Contribute to A Brighter Future For Macedonia
by Paul Mojzes 3

by President Boris Trajkovski 7

Section 1

Jewish-Christian-Muslim International Trialogue

Living With The “Other”
by Miroslav Volf 8

Da‘Wah Or Dialogue?
by Asghar Ali Engineer 26 

The Religious Contribution to Developing Shared Values and Peace
by Mehmet S. Aydin 32

A Response to Mehmet Aydin
by Lewis John Eron  39

Religious and Civic Nationalism: A Response to Mehmet Aydin
by David Little  42

Argue, For God’s Sake—Or, A Jewish Argument For Argument
by Reuven Firestone 47

A Muslim Contribution to Confidence-Building
by Aslam Syed  58 

The Church and The Religious Communities Following The War Conflict and Unrest
by Ratomir Grozdanoski 62

Section 2

Macedonian Dialogue On Confidence-Building

A Dialogue For Trust: Presentation of The Macedonian Orthodox Church
by Jovan Takovski 64

Islamic Humanism: A Foundation For Interreligious Dialogue
by Ismail Bardhi 66

Dialogue Based On The Foundations That Connect Us:
A Contribution toward Strengthening Relations Among The Churches and Religious Communities In Macedonia
by Kiro Stojanov  73 

Building Trust Among The Churches and Religious Communities In Macedonia Through Dialogue
by Mihail Cekov 76 

Section 3

Further Contributions to Dialogue

Common Elements of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam
by Paul Mojzes and Leonard Swidler 80

The Role of Religious Leaders In Times of Conflict In Multinational and Multireligious Societies: A Contribution toward Interreligious Dialogue In Macedonia
by Paul Mojzes  82

Religion: The Missing Element In Dialogue
by Alan Race 87

Patience As A Precondition For Peace and tolerance
by Aco Aleksandar Girevski 96

Nurturing A Culture of Dialogue: A Journey From Violence to Cooperation
by Prince El Hassan Bin Talal of Jordan 100

A Dialogue Experience of A Japanese Catholic
by Filo Hirota 103 

Recent Patriarchal Encyclicals On Religious tolerance and Peaceful Coexistence
by George Papademetriou 105 

Whence and Whither Islam?
by Leonard Swidler 110

Press Release  112 

Part Two

Contributions by Religious Communities to Reconciliation In Bosnia

by Heinz-Gerhard Justenhoven 113

Religiously Inspired Reconciliation In Bosnia and Herzegovina: Introductory Remarks
by Paul Mojzes  115 

The Theological and Spiritual Aspects of Reconciliation In An Orthodox Key
by Vladimir Zelinsky 119 

Toward A Theology and Praxis of Reconciliation
by R. Scott Appleby 132

Reconciliation In Islamic Theology
by Mahmut Aydin 141 

Fractured Land, Healing Nations: Religious Barriers and Contributions toward Reconciliation In Post-War Bosnia and Herzegovina
by Stephen R. Goodwin 151

Reconciliation In Bosnia and The Phenomenology of A Little People:The Serbs, Europe, and The Liberation of Our Reconciled Future Liberty
by Damjan De Krnjevi-Miškovi 165

Reconciliation In Bosnia-Herzegovina In The Perspective of Its Catholic Inhabitants
by Mato Zovki 181 

But, There Is No Other Way: Reconciliation Among Muslims, Serbian Orthodox, and Catholics –An Islamic View
by Adnan Silajdi  186 

Work At The Jajce Youth Center: Concrete Civilian Peace Service
by Viola Pugell 193 

A Second Glance At Working For Reconciliation: Pax Christi’s Work In Banja Luka and Zenica
by Ajša Babai, Goran Bulaji, and Stephanie Van De Loo 199 

The Center For Religious Dialogue: Activities and Future Steps Regarding The Dialogue Between Different Religious Communities In Bosnia and Herzegovina
by Vjekoslav Šaje  210

Authors In This Collection 213 

Volume 39, Numbers 3-4 (Summer-Fall, 2002) 

Table of Contents


Judaisms and Incarnational Theologies: Mapping Out The Parameters of Dialogue
by Alon Goshen-Gottstein 219

Communion Terminology In The Lutheran-Roman Catholic International Dialogue In Light of The Koinonia Language of The Canberra Statement
by Lorelei F. Fuchs 248

Fides Et Ratio and The Future of Comparative Theology
by Thomas A. Forsthoefel 276

"God's Grace Effects What He Declares": Scriptural Support For The Agreement On Justification In The Joint Declaration On The Doctrine of Justification and Salvation and The Church
by Scott A. Celsor 289

The Integrated Spirituality of The Bhagavad Gita—An Insight For Christians: A Contribution to The Hindu-Christian Dialogue
by Sebastian Painadath 305

toward The Other: Christianity and Buddhism On Desire
by Thomas E. Reynolds 325

Beginning Without End: Christianity In Franz Rosenzweig's Star of Redemption
by Jeremy Worthen 340

Explorations and Responses:

The Idea of Reception and The Family In Ecumenical Dialogue
by Ji-Il Tark  363

Church Unity and The Necessity of Nonviolence
by Craig M. Watts 368

Catholicism and Science: Renewing The Conversation
by James L. Heft 376

Book Reviews  381

Books Received  385

Ecumenical Events:

Establishment of The Institute For Interreligious and Intercultural Research and Dialogue
Tr. George C. Papademetriou 399

Symposium: A Theology of Local Interfaith and Ecumenical Relations
by A. David Bos 400

Boston Conference Report On The Power of Bishops
by Ronald T. Englund 401

Ecumenical Resources 404