Journal of Ecumenical Studies
Contents of Volume 44 (2009)

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Volume 44, Number 1 (Winter 2009)

Evangelical-Jewish Relations:

Politics, Policy, And Theology


by Nancy Isserman 1

Contributors 7

Evangelical Proselytizing At The U.S. Air Force Academy:
The Civilian-Military Controversy, 2004–2006
by Anne C. Loveland 11

Pluralism, Postmodernity, And Religious Liberty: 
The Abiding Necessity Of Free Speech And Religious Convictions In The Public Square
by Peter A. Lillback 26

To Fix The World: Jewish Convictions Affecting Social Issues
by Elliot N. Dorff  57

The Faith-Based Initiative: Both Cause Of Contention And The Solution To An Impasse?
by Stanley W. Carlson-Thies 70

What Are The Emerging Consensus Issues In The Intersection Of Religion And Public Policy/Politics Between Evangelicals And Jews?
by James W. Tonkowich 86

Evangelicals And Jews In Common Cause
by Marshall J. Breger 95

The American Public And Sympathy For Israel: 
Present And Future
by John C. Green 107

The Odd Couple: Jews And Premillennial Dispensational Fundamentalism (P.S. “And Its Cousins”)
by Martin E. Marty                 122

Explorations And Responses:

Some Reflections On “The Odd Couple”:
A Reply To Martin Marty
by Richard L. Rubenstein136

Ecumenical Resources 140

Volume 44, Number 2 (Spring 2009)


New Maps For The Journey:
Metaphoric Process In Ecumenical Theology
by Paul Schreck      159

Christians Relating To Jews:
Key Issues In Public Statements
by John T. Squires  180

Jewish Attitudes Toward Other Faiths:
The Italian Model
by Gilbert S. Rosenthal           203

Religious Diversity, Societal Change, And Ecumenical Prospects In Guatemala
by Michael K. Duffey              226

Orthodox-Catholic Dialogue:
Retrieving Eucharistic Ecclesiology
by Radu Bordeianu 239
The Eucharistic Presence Of Christ In Seventeenth-Century Dutch Protestant Popular Piety: Toward A Catholic-Protestant Rapprochement?
by Tony Maan        266

The Baptists “And The Son”:
The Filioque Clause In Noncreedal Theology
by David E. Wilhite                285

Where The Two Oceans Meet: An Attempt At Hindu-Muslim
Rapprochement In The Thought Of Dara Shikuh
by Irfan A. Omar    303

Explorations And Responses:

Bigotry Against Bonhoeffer In Jerusalem
by Stephen A. Wise And Balfour Brickner               315

Book Reviews  324

Volume 44, Number 3 (Summer 2009)


One Church Of Christ For The Sake Of The World
by Lorelei F. Fuchs, S.A. 333

The Authors 338

Ecumenical Ecclesiology: One Church Of Christ For The Sake Of The World
by Michael Kinnamon 341

Ecumenical Ecclesiology And The Language Of Unity
by Peter C. Bouteneff 352

Response To Michael Kinnamon And Peter Bouteneff
by Cheryl Peterson 361

The Ecumenical Calling Of The Academic Theologian
To Spiritual Pilgrimage In Service Of Gospel Unity
by Jeffrey Gros, F.S.C. 367

Interchurch Marriage—Conjugal And Ecclesial Communion In The Domestic Church
by Thomas Knieps-Port Le Roi 383

Baptism Or Expulsion: Martin Luther And The Jews Of Germany
by David G. Singer 401

Interreligious Reading And Self-Definition For Raimon Panikkar And Francis Clooney
by Christopher Denny            409

Mirror Of Experience: Palamas And Bonaventure On The Experience Of God—A Contribution To Orthodox-Roman Catholic Dialogue
by Russel Murray   432

Explorations And Responses:

Facing Hindu Critique Of Christianity
by Klaus K. Klostermaier 461

Harris, Hick, And The Demise Of The Pluralist Hypothesis
by Aimee Upjohn Light 467


by Leonard Swidler 471

Book Reviews:

Comparative Study Of The Bible And The Qur’ān Since 9/11:
A Review Article
by John Kaltner 473

Individual Reviews 481

Ecumenical Resources 503

Volume 44, Number 4 (Fall, 2009)


Trinity And Religious Pluralism
by Roger Haight  525

An Ecumenical Comparison Of Niemöller’s Maundy Thursday Sermon, 1945, And Rahner’s Holy Thursday Homily, 1976
by Audrey Borschel 541

Enduring Covenant In The Christian Middle Ages
by Jennifer A. Harris          563

A Habermasian Approach To Ecumenical Ecclesiology
by Erin M. Brigham            587

Heinz Galinski: The Driving Force Of The Postwar Jewish Community In Germany
by Fredrick Carlson Holmgren        599

Rehearing Buber’s Jesus Deepens Jewish-Christian Dialogue
by Kenneth P. Kramer 617

Hans Frei’s Typology Of Christian Theology:
A Comparative Look At The Islamic Tradition
by Yasir S. Ibrahim 642

The Qur’ān-Gospel Resurrection Resolution
by Derek Eshelbrenner 665

Explorations And Responses:

Dialogue Or Appropriation?
by Klaus K. Klostermaier 688

A Brief Response To Aimee Upjohn Light
by John Hick 691


Wikipedia—Cities—Interreligious Dialogue
by Leonard Swidler 692

Book Reviews 694

Ecumenical Resources 701