Journal of Ecumenical Studies
Contents of Volume 47 (2012)

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Volume 47, Number 1 (Winter, 2012)


The Ego And The Ascetic
by Leonard Swidler 1


Making A Religion Of Intergroup Education: The National Conference Of Christians And Jews, 1927–1957
by Harold S. Wechsler 3

Assessing The Primacy: A Contemporary Contribution From The Writings Of St. Cyprian Of Carthage
by Russel Murray 41

Postliberalism, Religious Diversity, And Interreligious Dialogue: A Critical Analysis Of George Lindbeck’s Fiduciary Interests
by Marianne Moyaert 64

An Ecumenical Response To The “Sunday-Monday Gap”:
Two Themes In E. Glenn Hinson And Pierre Teilhard De Chardin
by Travis D. Tucker 87

Multifaith: New Directions
by David A. Kunin 101

Explorations And Responses:

Remarks Welcoming Professor Leonard Swidler To The National Library Of The Druze Community In Lebanon, March 19, 2011
by Sheikh Sami Abou El-Mona 113

What “Mary” Means To Muslims
by Christopher Evan Longhurst 115

Communion As Sacrifice
by Stuart G. Leyden 119

Book Reviews 127

Volume 47, Number 2 (Spring, 2012)


The Most Authentic Human Way To Be And Act
by Leonard Swidler 143


Apocryphal Elements In The New Testament And Qur’ān
by Michael Graves 152

Ma’alot Tsedaqah And Ordine Caritatis: Orders Of Charitable Priority In Maimonides And Aquinas
by Seth Chalmer 167

Skepticism, Pluralism, And The Presence Of God
by Thomas M. Dicken 185

Roger Haight’s Contribution To Method In Ecclesiology And Its Implications For Ecumenical Dialogue
by Martin Madar 207

Imitatio Christi, Imitatio Muhammadi, Imitatio Dei
by Nancy Roberts 227

Interreligious Dialogue Reconsidered: Learning From And Responding To Critique And Change
by Julia Sheetz-Willard, Per Faaland, Rebecca Mays, And Angela Ilić 249

Explorations And Responses:
Response To The Dialogue Institute’s Evaluation Of Swidler’s Dialogue Thought/Work
by Leonard Swidler 272

Personalist Spirituality And Buddhist Anātman: 
Reflections On Contrasting Subjectivities, Or Why I Am Not (Quite) (Yet) A Buddhist
by George Adams 275

Facing Death Without A Soul: A Response To George Adams
by Jayarava Attwood 282

Radical Atonement And The Cosmic Body Of Christ
by Daniel Payne 288

The Joy And Honor To Be An Associate Editor Of The Journal Of Ecumenical Studies
by Kenan B. Osborne 295

Book Reviews 296

Ecumenical Resources 311

Volume 47, Number 3 (Summer, 2012)


On Truthtelling In Christian-Muslim Relations
by Paul Mojzes     317

Special N.A.A.E. Section On “Called Together: Identity, Accountability, Hospitality”
Introduction: The Dynamic And Hospitable Interaction With The Church
by Russell L. Meyer     323

Mutual Accountability: Building Together On The Achievements Of The Ecumenical Movement
by John A. Radano     333

Remembering Dirk Willems: Memory And History In The Future Of Ecumenical Relationships
by Nancy R. Heisey     355

“Receive One Another . . .”: Honoring The Relationship Between Hospitality And Christian Unity
by Diane C. Kessler     376

Identity, Accountability, Hospitality
by Ian Markham      385

Grassroots Identity, Hospitality, And Accountability
by Christine L. Nelson     394

Toward Ecumenical Unity: An Analysis And Preliminary Proposal
by Timothy Lim T. N.     397


Lessons From Zeitoun: A Marian Proposal For Christian-Muslim Dialogue
by Maura Hearden     409

Were All The Pharisees “Hypocrites”?
by Leo Michel Abrami     427

Ingestion And Gestation: Peacemaking, The Lord’s Supper, And The Theotokos In The Mennonite-Anabaptist And Eastern Orthodox Traditions
by Andrew P. Klager     436

Explorations And Responses:

The Ever-Elusive Self: Response To Jayarava Attwood
by George Adams      457

Humankind From The Age Of Monologue To The Age Of Global Dialogue
by Leonard Swidler      463

Book Reviews     478

Ecumenical Resources     499

Volume 47, Number 4 (Fall, 2012)


The Magical Word “Being”
by Leonard Swidler 507


Two Takes On Christianity: Furthering The Dialogue
by Steven Leonard Jacobs 508

Christianity, Islam, And Hinduism In Louis Massignon’s Appropriation Of Gandhi As A Modern Saint
by Christian S. Krokus 525

Western Rite Orthodoxy As An Ecumenical Problem
by Jack Turner 541

Rifts, Trust, And Openness: Pope John Paul Ii’s Legacy In Catholic Intra- And Interreligious Dialogue
by Peter Admirand 555

Ecumenism From The Bottom Up: A Pentecostal Perspective
by Shane Clifton 576

Explorations And Responses:

Justification In Literature: The Witness Of Two Russian Masters
by John Rollefson 593

The Notion Of Upāya As Ecumenical Paradigm
by Larry Rinehart 604

Jesus, As A Jew, Would Never Have Said That
by Kenneth P. Kramer 609

Book Reviews 615

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