Journal of Ecumenical Studies
Contents of Volume 46 (2011)

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Volume 46, Number 1 (Winter, 2011)


Postmodernity—Or Expanding Modernity?
by Leonard Swidler 1


Christianity And The Religions: A Zero-Sum Game? Reclaiming “The Path Not Taken” And The Legacy Of Krister Stendahl
by Paul F. Knitter 5

Becoming The Word: Theosis In The Eucharist And Qur’ān
by Axel Takács 22

An Alliance Of The Sacred: Prospects For A Catholic-Orthodox Partnership Against Secularism In Europe
by Daniel P. Payne And Jennifer M. Kent 41

Toward An Apophatic Pluralism: Beyond Confessionalism, Epicyclism, And Inclusivism In Theology Of Religions
by Kenneth Rose 67

The Unremarkable Hybrid: Aloysius Pieris And The Redundancy Of Multiple Religious Belonging
by Devaka Premawardhana 76

Explorations And Responses:

Responses To Devaka Premawardhana’s “The Unremarkable Hybrid: Aloysius Pieris And The Redundancy Of Multiple Religious Belonging”
by Klaus K. Klostermaier 102
by Peter C. Phan 103
by Aimee Upjohn Light 104

Interview Of Professor Leonard Swidler
by Mubarak Alzuair 109

Book Reviews 117

Ecumenical Resources 131

Volume 46, Number 2 (Spring, 2011)


The Garden Of Eden Story—Source Of Often Mis-Read Wisdom: A Jewish-Christian Dialogue
by Leonard Swidler 143


Marian Dogmas And Reunion: What Eastern Catholics Can Teach Us About Catholic Ecumenism
by Walter N. Sisto 150

Religion Versus The Religions: The Dialectic Of Divine Reality And Human Response In Karl Barth And Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan
by Ankur Barua 163

The Problem With Karma: A Levinasian Critique And Christian-Hindu Theological Rehabilitation
by Madhuri M. Yadlapati 183

Divine Embodiment And The Mysteries Of Phylacteries, Fringes, And The Rosary
by Sanford Seltzer 201

Yiddish Christology? Der Bris Chadasha And Translation As Responsive Theology
by Peter Manseau 214

Alvin Plantinga On Religious Pluralism: A Catholic Appraisal
by Glenn B. Siniscalchi 229

Explorations And Responses:

Interreligious Dialogue, Community Cohesion, And Global Citizenship: The Role Of A Religion Program In A Rural, Land-Grant University
by Ann Marie B. Bahr 242

Looking For Balance Between Identity And Encounter: Buber’s Relations And Interreligious Dialogue
by Mauro Properzi 251

Hope For Eternal Life: The Lutheran-Catholic Dialogue
by Jeffrey Gros, F.S.C 259

The Work And Ministry Of Christ In An Anthropological Perspective
by Laverne Rutschman 270

Response To Klostermaier, Phan, And Light
by Devaka Premawardhana 275

Book Reviews 279

Ecumenical Resources 287

Volume 46, Number 3 (Summer, 2011)


The Heart Of Art
by Leonard Swidler 301

Special N.A.A.E. Section On “The Next 100 Years: New And Renewed Strategies For The Ecumenical Mission”


Remembering And Conversion, Companions And Allies, And Our Ecumenical Future
by Russell Meyer 305

A Tale Of Two Edinburghs: Mission, Unity, And Mutual Accountability
by Thomas F. Best 311

Unity And Mission One Hundred Years On
by Catherine E. Clifford 329

The Churches Challenged by The Secularization Of Culture
by Gregory Baum 343

The Russian Orthodox Church And Ecumenism
by Hegumen Philip (Riabykh) 353

Living In The Same House
by Gilles Routhier 359

People Of Paradox
by Karen A. Hamilton 365

Witnessing The Ecumenical Future Together
by Margaret O’gara 368


The Case Of The Overlooked Fatwa
by Khaleel Mohammed 378

Reading Other Religious Texts: Intratextuality And The Logic Of Scripture
by Michael Barnes 389

Faith Seeking Understanding: Theological Method In Thomas Merton’s Interreligious Dialogue
by Ryan Scruggs 411

The Anglican Church Of Canada, From Conversion To Dialogue: The Case Of Roland De Corneille, 1961–1970
by Haim Genizi 427

Explorations And Responses:

Cross-Reanimating Martin Buber’s “Between” And Shin’ichi Hisamatsu’s “Nothingness”
by Kenneth P. Kramer 444

Orientale Lumen Xv Conference
by Joseph Loya, O.S.A. 457

Book Reviews 462

Volume 46, Number 4 (Fall, 2011)

Crisis And Credibility In The Jewish-Christian World: Remembering Franklin H. Littell The Fortieth Annual Scholars’ Conference On The Holocaust And The Churches

by Hubert Locke 475

by Marcia Sachs Littell And Richard L. Libowitz 476

Part One:
Franklin H. Littell: After Forty Years In The Wilderness, The Unfinished Agenda

Franklin H. Littell: After Forty Years In The Wilderness, The Unfinished Agenda
by Michael Berenbaum 479

Franklin H. Littell: After Forty Years In The Wilderness—The Unfinished, Agenda
by Samuel Totten 482

Franklin Hamlin Littell: Forty Years In The Wilderness And Beyond
by Erich Geldbach 485

In Praise Of Franklin Littell
by Richard L. Rubenstein 491

Part Two: Professional Ethics After Auschwitz: How We Have Changed, Or Have We? 

Journalism Ethics After Auschwitz
by Laurel Leff 495

In Denial: American Universities’ Response To The Third Reich, Past And Present
by Stephen H. Norwood 501

Legal Ethics After Auschwitz: The Case Against Sncf
by Harriet Tamen 510

Medical Ethics After Auschwitz
by Sheldon Rubenfeld 515

Business And Corporate Ethics After Auschwitz
by John Mccall 520

Part Three:
Telling The Story

Call Me André: Memoirs Of A Jewish Spy In The Resistance
by Diana Mara Henry 524

The View From Rome: Contextualizing The Vatican’s Response To Reichskristallnacht
by Suzanne Brown-Fleming 531

Our Jewish Brethren: Christian Responses To Kristallnacht In Canadian Mass Media
by Kyle Jantzen And Jonathan Durance 537

“Almost Indescribable And Unbelievable”: The Garrett Report And The Future Of Jewish Refugee Immigration To Australia In 1939
by Paul R. Bartrop 549

The Holocaust Experience In Western Poland
by Susan L. Pentlin 557

Jewish Women Partisans In Belarus
by Tamara Vershitskaya 567

The Warsaw Ghetto’s Underground Medical School
by Harold Ticktin 573

Part Four: The Aftermath

Hermann Maas And Justice After The Shoah
by Theodore N. Thomas 577

Iterations Of Babi Yar
by Joan Peterson 585

Franklin H. Littell’s And Israel W. Charny’s Early Warning Systems
by Steven Lawrence Jacobs 599

Levinas And The Other: Provider-Patient Relationships And The Response Of U.S. Nursing
by Mary Lagerwey 609

Delayed Justice: Forced And Slave Labor Restitution After The Holocaust
by Patricia Chappine 616

God Is Faithful To God’s People: The New Theology Of Israel In Contemporary German Protestantism
by Ulrich Rosenhagen 621

Part Five:
Faith And Freedom—Remembering Franklin H. Littell

Franklin H. Littell—In Memoriam
by Yehuda Bauer 639

Our Forty-Year Journey To Messiah College: A Tribute To Franklin H. Littell
by Richard T. Hughes 643

Franklin Littell: Scholar, Gentleman, And Passionate Provocateur
by Violet Ketels Cornish 646

More Than Credibility: Building On The Legacy Of Franklin H. Littell
by Henry F. Knight 649

A Passionate Commitment—A Tribute To Franklin Littell
by John T. Pawlikowski 653

Reflections On Franklin Littell: In Memoriam
by David Silberklang 655

Faith And Freedom: Remembering Franklin H. Littell
by Hubert G. Locke 657

In Memoriam: Franklin H. Littell, 1917–2009
by John K. Roth 659

by Michael Berenbaum 662

Authors In This Issue 665


The Holocaust And “Salvation”?
by Leonard Swidler 677

Book Reviews 679