Journal of Ecumenical Studies
Contents of Volume 31 (1994)

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Volume 31, Number 1-2 (Winter-Spring, 1994)


Soteriological Humility: The Christological Significance of the Humanity of Jesus in the Encounter of Religions
by Jim Perkinson 1

The Sisters of Sion: From a Conversionist Stance to a Dialogical Way of Life
by Mary C. Boys 27

Toward an Evangelical Theology of the Religions
by Stanley J. Grenz 49

Anabaptism and Eastern Orthodoxy: Some Unexpected Similarities?
by Thomas N. Finger 67

Ecumenical Historical Method
by G. R. Evans 93

A Roman Catholic Comment on the Lutheran-Episcopal Concordat
by Richard J. Schlenker 111

A Lutheran Contribution to the Theology of Judaism
by Paul R. Hinlicky 123

Volume 31, Number 3-4 (Summer-Fall, 1994)

Mission Volga: A Case Study in the Tensions between Evangelizing and Proselytizing
by R. Vito Nicastro, Jr. 223

An Ecumenical Consensus in Pastoral-Care Training
by Robert L. Kinast 244

"Who Do You Say That I Am?" (Mark 8:29):
A New Jewish View of Jesus
by Byron L. Sherwin 255

Marriage between Christians and Non-Christians:
Orthodox and Roman Catholic Perspectives
by Patrick Viscuso and Kristopher L. Willumsen 269

Muslim-Christian Relations in Nigeria: Causes of Tensions
by Yushau Sodiq 279

One God: Toward a Rapprochement of Orthodox Judaism and Christianity
by Barbara J. Redman 307

Ecumenism and "the South": 
The Irruption of the "Third World" and Its Impact on the Ecumenical Movement
by Yacob Tesfai 332

Explorations and Responses:

Ecumenism and "the South": Further Considerations
by Per Hassing 345

"Ecumenism and 'the South'": A Response
by Jack E. Nelson 349

Electronic Mail as a Tool for Interreligious Dialogue
by Alfons H. Teipen 354

Book Reviews 153-192, 357-413

Books Received 193-195, 414-416

Ecumenical Events 196-210, 417-426

Ecumenical Resources 211-222, 427-438